Thursday, April 23, 2009

To the Convention I Go

For over a month I was going back and forth about going to this year's homeschool convention. In fact, as of Tuesday I was not going. Usually I go up on the Thursday, stay at the nice hotel (all by myself) and bright and early on Friday I am at the convention doors ready to go in. I then spend all day Friday enjoying myself and Saturday missing the kids and wanting to go home (except I always ride with someone else so this isn't possible). This year the money just wasn't there for me to be able to go overnight for 2 nights. With only 1 car, I knew I couldn't use ours to go. All this, plus I didn't want to leave the kids for what would end up being almost 3 days by the time I get back.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Wendy. She had been going back and forth about the convention too. She said she was actually thinking of driving up for the day on Friday. HHHMMM, VERY INTERESTING. This, I could actually see myself doing. I would save money by not staying overnight (hotel and food expense for 3 dinners, 2 breakfast and 2 lunches) and I would only be gone for 1 day from the kids. It would give me the opportunity to see curriculum that I have been thinking about and soak up the atmosphere of homeschooling. YES, WE HAVE A PLAN!!!

So we are a go. We are leaving bright and early and going to the convention tomorrow. I can't wait. I am going to get everything ready tonight---clothes, money, snacks--lots of snacks. I had an extremely low blood sugar earlier today (all the way down to 49). It was horrible, the worst I have ever felt. I literally felt like I was getting ready to pass out. Not good. I am doing better now. So snacks are a must, especially since I will be walking around, burring calories all day tomorrow.

Any suggestions on curriculum to look at?

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