Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Family News

Last weekend was full of fun for my family. Sunday was Alex's 7th birthday. I can't believe that next month will already be 5 years that he came into our lives and became part of our family. The day was laid back. The kids played and then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (I can't believe I left my camera on the kitchen table). He was so excited. To my delight they were able to get us right in (I guess not too many people like steak on Easter) and we were a party of 10. The kids behaved extremely well. In fact, the waiter gave us one of the kids meals for free because I kept things so organized and easy for him.

Saturday was my niece Lisa's wedding reception. Lisa moved to Florida about 2 1/2 years ago. Last month she got married down there, just the two of them. Her husband is going in the Army this month and before he left we all wanted the chance to meet him. While the two of them were up here my sister gave them a beautiful wedding reception dinner for just close family and a few friends. Honestly, it was so Lisa. Simple, beautiful and relaxed. Everyone had a great time. My sister, Glenda, did a fantastic job with it.

The Newlyweds, Lisa and Martin

I lead everyone in "The bride cuts the cake."

I guess it should have been "the bride wears the cake". : )

While at the reception we learned that my other niece, Laura (Lisa's sister) was pregnant....and I mean VERY pregnant. Come to find out Laura is due 3 weeks before me!!! She was 19 weeks. My sister wasn't too surprise, in fact, she had said to me over a month ago that she wondered if Laura was, but blew it off. I felt bad that Laura didn't tell us sooner. She was scared to. That broke my heart. You see, to me it was a missed opportunity to show Christ's love for her.

After the news came out, the out pouring of support she got from the family was (I am sure) overwhelming. Talk about relief. She could now enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and let us all share in the joy.

Funny little side story----it is a good thing I found out on the Saturday that she was expecting because come to find out that not only do we go now to the same OB but we BOTH had appointments on Wednesday---hers right after mine!!!

On Wednesday Laura (and Brandon too) found out they are having a baby boy!!!! How exciting!!! My sister and her husband are over the moon. Here's a picture of the proud parents-to-be showing off baby's picture...

Laura, Brandon and a picture of baby Nathan.

This is a very exciting time in our family. 2 babies to prepare for. You want to here 3 things that are so awesome. First, Laura's baby make 5 generations alive at the same time. Nathan, Laura, Glenda, our Dad and his mother. WOW!

Second, my mom (and dad too) with become a grandmother (again) and great-grandmother within weeks of each other.

Third, my my mother and sister will both have grandchild born in the same month.

I will have to tell you the "name" story sometime this week.

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