Monday, April 27, 2009


After having problem after problem and not having a very reliable vehicle we FINALLY waved the white flag and bought this today........

Our new ride. Best of all---it comes with a 2 yr. warranty!!!

I know some people who are cheering right now. They know first hand how frustrating it has been over the last year for us. A friend of Chris' is a mechanic, in fact, it put the new engine in Chris' car last year. He is coming this week to pick up Chris' car to see if he can figure out what is wrong with it. I am hoping it is something as simple as the starter and not the engine again. If it is the starter than it will be fixed and we will be back to multiply cars (which means I can bring the kids to church again!!!).

Chris got stuck at work (again) with the van on Saturday. He was able to get it home today. IF (and that is a big IF) it is NOT in need of a new transmission we might get it fixed one last time. I, however, do believe it is and that means BIG BUCKS which I am NOT willing to dish out anymore.

You may ask why would we want or need 3 vehicles. Well in 10 short months CJ will have his license. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! When we originally got Chris' car we decided it would go to CJ someday. Believe me, he has every intention of holding us to it (can you blame him).

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