Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Having a...........

Tonight we had the great opportunity to go to an ultrasound place to find out if we were having a boy or girl. The doctor's office does an ultrasound at 20 weeks (I'm scheduled on my birthday, May 13th), but they only allow my hubby in with one child at a time. We are trying to keep all the kids as involved as possible, especially since some are adopted and this is new territory for them. In fact, twice while we at the ultrasound place Alex mentioned how he was not born from my tummy.

Everyone had a good time. The tech was really good. She pointed out everything to the kids--the heart, head, hands, face, spine, arms, was wild!!!! Afterwards we went out for dinner to celebrate the new addition.

19 Weeks

All of us in the room right before we found out.
L to R---CJ, Zachary, Me, Chris holding Emily, Alex, Jessie and Mom

Yes, a BOY!!!!

For those who aren't sure what they are looking at, that is his face (profile) with his arm coming up to his face. He kept sucking on his fingers. We could actually see him opening and closing his mouth.

I waited a long time for this. God is so good.


Kate said...

Oh Judy, how wonderful! I am beyond excited for you and your family. Nicholas is going to be one blessed little baby being born into such a great family.

I really admire the way you are keeping everyone so involved with your pregnancy. Great job!

mattswife1990 said...


I didn't realize how long it had been since I checked in on you! Wow, you look great, and how fun to know it's a boy!

Everyone looks excited!
Amy :)