Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 26 Update

26 Weeks!! YEAH!!!!
As you can see, I am really getting there.

I went this past Wednesday for blood work. Not so good. 1st off, I failed the one hour glucose test (can't say I am surprised). I am now going to the hospital on Wednesday to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I have had trouble throughout the pregnancy with low blood sugar. The last couple of weeks I have been suspecting that I am going too high after eating. I checked my glucose Wednesday myself before and after. Before the test I had dropped to 77 (80-120 in normal). As soon as the phlebotomist drew my blood after the one hour test I checked my level and I got 175 (one hour after they don't want to see it higher than 140. The blood they drew came out as 158). One hour after that (now 2 hours after I drank that horrible stuff) I was already down to 82. I feel like a ping-pong ball. I can feel my levels going up and down and it doesn't feel that great : (

Wednesday's blood work also showed that I am still anemic. In fact, my level dropped from the last time, even though I have been taking a multivitamin AND iron pill. I was 11.1 around 18 weeks, now I am 9.7. I am now taking 2 iron pills plus the multivitamin.

I have been feeling tired lately. I just thought it was because I have been not sleeping well. The last two weeks I have been having episodes of dizziness and a couple of time where I have had a fast heart rate again and out of breath. I just thought "part of pregnancy".

Surprising though, I am getting more done now than I have in a long time. I just keep pushing myself. I figure the little fairies aren't going to get the house ready for baby ; )

With all that is going on, it might also be surprising to know that I am enjoying being pregnant, wouldn't trade this for anything and I would do it again. I have taken better control of my stress level too.

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Sonshine said...

oh I hated those days of yoyo blood sugar when I was preggo with my dd! I found though if I kept up eating 6 small meals packed with protein rich foods and cut way back on the sweet and carbs that I felt so much better. :)

I took the time finally to answer your questions to me. You can read them here. I hope that I answered them well enough for you to get some ideas. :)