Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Itch to Pitch---Week 2

Another week-----yaaaahhh!!! I love participating in this because it gives me a goal and incentive to get things done : )

This past week I finished up the old school room. Everything was organized into piles. Just one problem.....where to put it all! Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you are orgazing one area it leads to other areas needing to be done to make room? That is what has happened. I have a bedroom and hallway closet that are in desperate need of some TLC (hopefully next week). Until then, Chris stacked all my crates neatly into the boys closet.

Old Schoolroom...orgazing into piles.

School stuff was brought upstairs and put away in the new school room.
On Thursday, when I was out, Chris and the boys washed the walls and rug. CJ took apart the boys' bunk bed and moved it into their new room.

Zachary and Alex's "new" bedroom
Our "baby" goal this month was to have the boys into their new room. Goal met!!!!

Over the weekend I tackled something I have been putting off for months.......
Going through Jessie and Emily's clothes.

Another small pile of clothes.

Boy did it feel good to get this done!! I ended up with 3 bags of clothes to give to goodwill, 1 bag that had Jessie's old comforter set, a small bag of clothes to give to someone I know who is having a girl and 1 tote full of dresses I want to pass down to Emily someday.

When going through all this, I had to keep my emotions out. I could have spent all day thinking about each "special" outfit of Emily's I picked up. I also had to remind myself that I am having a boy and chances are I will not be having another girl someday. I thought about the happy mother who comes across these outfit and gets to dress her little girl in them.

Now for some goals for this upcoming week.
1. My bathroom closet
2. List some curriculum that I need to "Pitch" on Ebay (I have 3 milk crates full)
3. My bedroom (this is a never ending problem for me). Specifically in my bedroom, I want to clean off my chest of draws and the huge pile of books, papers, toys that have made its way to my room (my room is the catch-all for the rest of the house).

Head on over to The Happy Housewife for more Itch to Pitch. Come on and join in!!!! : )


Rona's Home Page said...

Sometimes it takes a blog party to get one motivated.

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

I absolutely love purging and organizing. I haven't always been this way. The need to survive my children's things forced me into it. LOL
It does feel great to get things cleaned out and usable again.

The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, great job! It looks like you are getting a ton done! It is also great that you are creating manageable goals for each week, yeah!

Karin Katherine said...

Okay, now you are inspiring me!

Karin Katherine said...

okay, now you are inspiring me.