Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Itch to Pitch---Week 3

Life doesn't always go as planned. I had a list of things I wanted to get to last week but life took over.
Tuesday--Chris came home from work sick.

Wednesday---I had my 3 hour glucose test at the hospital and was gone half the day. The other half I wasn't feeling all that great. And BTW, I do NOT have gestational diabetes! : )

Thursday--I had such plans for this day. Chris took ALL the kids to CJ's baseball practice in the morning to give me time to do something around the house that I wanted to get to but couldn't because of the kids. I was so excited. And then.....about 15 minutes after he left, I walked a couple of times up and down the stairs and I started with my heart racing, palpitations and shortness of breath. I was so upset. I had work I wanted to get done : ( Needless to say, when you have a resting heart rate of about 130, you can't get much done. I called Chris to let him know what was going on. He told me to go and put my feet up and rest. I did for about an hour and then went to take a shower. Zachary had a dentist appointment because something was wrong with his gums and I wasn't sure what. To my surprise, Chris stopped home while I was in the shower and decided he was going to take Zachary and the other kids (minus CJ, who was still at practice) to the dentist. This turned into Chris not only taking them to the dentist but to the library too. What a good dad. All this to say, I didn't get much done besides "normal" stuff because of the cardiac issue.

Friday--Spent the afternoon bringing Zachary to an oral surgeon (dentist wasn't sure what was wrong with his gum), bank, Target to pick up Zachary's prescription, post office and then home for Zachary's baseball game.

Saturday---Spent morning cleaning and ALL afternoon working on budget/menu planning/ grocery list. Then 3 1/2 hours grocery shopping (after a quick stop at Kohl's). Didn't get home until around 10:30 pm, helped unload groceries and then collapsed on the couch.

Sunday----Saturday's adventure kicked my fibromyalgia into high gear. I was in awful pain throughout my body all night. It settled down enough for me to sleep for few hours after I took some Tylenol (at 3:30 in the morning). Tried pushing through all day. I started on the black hole (ie: my bedroom). I threw away a trash bag worth of papers, magazines and plan old junk that had made its way to my room. I have a bunch of piles organized on my floor right now for me to find a permanent home for.

Jessica (who's 8), was a big help. She did this for me

She turned this.....

Into this : )

She then helped my mom reorganized my cupboards that have the dishes in them.

CJ and Zachary did yard clean-up. They spent more than an hour back there. They even washed out the trash barrels.

So far, I have one thing posted on Ebay. More to come.

This weeks goals are alot like last week:
1. Bathroom closest clean out.
2. List atleast 5 more things on Ebay.
3. Finish bedroom.
4. Hallway closet

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Kim said...

Great Job! That was sweet that you got some help from your kiddo.