Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 Things I Would Like to do This Summer

1. Get ready for baby.

2. Roger Williams Zoo

3. Colt State Park

4. Play mini-golf

5. Cape Cod

6. Go camping for 2 nights/3 days

7. Have a extended family cook-out. -----hint-hint Sissy : )

8. Clean out EVERY closet in this house

9. Read through my summer book list

10. Organize and do actually lesson plans for school

11. Go to the drive-in to see a movie (the closest one is about an hour away)

12. Go to farmer market on a regular basis

13. RELAX!!!! : )-

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Sherry said...

Great list! I love going to the farmer's market, but only go every few weeks. Love the last one!! :D

mattswife1990 said...

Wow! Only 100 days! VERY exciting... I have definitely got the baby "itch" pretty bad.

Both my sisters are due this summer, my cousin just had her baby early, and a friend from college & her hubby just got their newborn son after waiting two years to adopt.

We just went to a drive-in movie last Saturday, and it was so fun! We saw "UP"... and liked it. Lots of fun cuddling up in the van with the kids, spilling popcorn all over and drinking Sonic slushies. It made for some good family-ish memories.

You are so ambitious about the things you want to do this summer! And brave, too, with wanting to go camping while pregnant. I love camping, but it's definitely harder while pregnant!

Have fun enjoying your summer! We're getting ready for our annual Michigan trip... our two oldest flew up there today to spend a week w/ Grandpa & Grandma, and the rest of us go next week via train. :)

Amy :)

Sonshine said...

Great list! I gotta do the Farmer's Market thing too! There are at least 3 different ones that I can go to on a regular basis! :)

WOW! Not too many more days and you will be holding a new little one! How exciting!

Thanks for stopping by! Stop back by and I'll be posting an answer to your question about Sam's included in my monthly totals. :)