Monday, June 29, 2009

Bargin Meal of the Week

This is my first Bargain Meal of the Week !!! With our ever growing family and a budget out of control, I have been trying think of meals for dinner that are 1- Healthy 2- Filling and 3- Economical. While browsing the blog-world, I noticed that prices in other parts of the country are much lower than here in good-old Massachusetts. In general, I do not think our local grocery stores have that great of sales. Every once in a while you can find a you have to get it while you can!!!

This week Shaw's Supermarket has boneless chicken breast on sale for $1.99 a pound and pasta for $0.88. I will have to admit, I buy most of my frozen veggies at Target because they are cheaper.

Here's the breakdown for our meal. This was for 8 of us: Me, Chris, my mother, CJ (15 y.o. boy who can eat as much as the father), a 10, 8, 7 and 2 y.o.

Shaw's Boneless skinless chicken breast 1.5 pounds @ $1.99 lb = $2.99
Shaw's Pasta, 1.5 boxes @ $0.88 each = $1.32
Target Broccoli, frozen cut-up 1 bag = $1.50 (I think)
Olive oil, garlic and black pepper to taste.

Cut up chicken into bite size pieces. Cover bottom of frying pan with olive oil, add chicken, garlic and black pepper. Cook through. Add frozen broccoli and more olive oil. Don't forget, the oil and garlic is the sauce for pasta. While this is cooking, cook your choice of pasta according to directions. When pasta is done, drain, put on plates and top with chicken and broccoli mixture. Top with Parmesan cheese (if you wish). Enjoy!!!

As a comparison, one of my favorite local restaurants that Chris and I go to on date night has this exact meal (which I usually get when I go) for $12.99---that's for one person!!!

Grand total for my meal, a family of 8= $ 5.81. That is $0.73 a person!!!! The kids all asked for this one again. And BTW, I doubt I will be getting this anymore when we go out.

A big thanks to my sister Glenda for giving me the recipe for this meal : )

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