Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well yesterday's little upset stomach turned into much more. I had the whole 9 yards...fever, body aches, stomach pain and get the idea. Today I am feeling better...not 100%, but better. Chris is now in bed sick. Same symptoms. I think Emily had something too. Last night Chris told me she wouldn't eat much and she wasn't herself. This morning when I got up there was vomit in her crib. Talk about feeling like an awful mother!! The one night I fall asleep with my bedroom door closed and no monitor that happens. I have no idea if she woke up and did it or did it in her sleep. This morning she goes between cranky and big smiles.

CJ is helping out as much as he can. He has lots of work school work he has to do so he doesn't fall behind. Zachary has decided he is going to be daddy's special helper. He is carrying around Chris' cell phone. He told Chris just to call him on it if he needs anything. He looks so proud carrying around the phone---waiting for it to ring.

Jessica's birthday is Saturday. This has been a tough week. This will be her 4 birthday with us and true to form, the week leading up to her birthday is always a challenging one. She is pushing every button she can. I am trying my best to stay calm but it can be hard. Atleast it is down to just her birthday. For the first 3 years we had her EVERY birthday (no matter who's it was) and holiday she went out of her way to try to ruin. She has come along way. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Well I am hoping to get some school done today since we ended up taking yesterday off unexpectedly. Have a great day.

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