Wednesday, November 26, 2008


CJ made the newspaper today. The highschool he plays for is highlighted today for the Thanksgiving Day game tomorrow. In a separate article they talk about the improvement the JV team has made. About CJ the paper says "With (another student's name) called to the varsity, sophomore CJ (last name) has handled the quarterback duties. The coach noted that CJ is a hard running quarterback." It also has an individual picture of him (along with 11 others---3 in total being sophomores).

What a testimony to God. Here he is not even going to the school but getting recognized. He is in a play at church over the first weekend in December. Do you know what he did. He personally invited each of his coaches, he handed out tickets to the football players, put a poster up on his locker for the play and gave a ticket to the to the athletic director and his secretory. Of all his accomplishments, telling others about God makes me the most proud.

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