Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Review

Over at Homeschooling and Loving It Angela has been doing a Tuesday Review. Basically, find something you love and write a review. I have been wanting to do a review for a while, but was stumped on what to write about. What would people find interesting? What do people want to know about? These are the questions that stump me all the time with my blog in general. I don't want to bore or offend anyone.

Well the last few times I have vacuumed I have said to myself "I love this vacuum. I should tell people about it." So here I am : )

In September Chris surprised me with a new vacuum (and Rug cleaner too). It is funny how our perspective changes. I remember our first Christmas married Chris got me a vacuum and I wanted to cry. Needless to say, it went back. Well 16 years later I was thrilled to get one! Seriously...I had wanting a new one and when he walked through the door I couldn't wait to play with my new toy.

I am now the proud owner of a Hoover Deluxe Elite Rewind. It has 12 amps, Lifetime Hepa Filter, automatic cord rewind and is bagless. I never thought of getting a bagless vacuum before this. Now I love it. Why you may ask...because of this.

Gross isn't it? YES!!! That is why I now love bagless....you get to see the dirt right away. Now here is the shocking part. I vacuumed Sunday night! It is now Tuesday morning (I usually vacuum the main floor daily, bedrooms once a week and family room atleast 4 times a week. I actually enjoying vacuuming. It is my favorite household job). Also, this came only from my main floor---living room, hallway, dining room and spare room. (You should have seen the pile the first time I did my whole house with this vacuum). It really pulls the dirt out of the rug. In fact, the week before I got the vacuum we were all sick. After I vacuumed each room for the first time I would show everyone the canister and how much dirt there was. Chris looked at it and said "why wonder we were all sick!"

It comes with 3 attachements plus a hose in the back that comes out so you can do stairs or furniture. Emptying is a snap and cleaning the filter is easy. Just snap off the canister in the front, open the top (1/4 turn counter-clockwise) and the filter is in the top.

One of the best things of all....the price. We got it at Best Buy. Regular price is $130. He did get it on sale. I have also seen it online for about $100.

I hope this helps. And please know....we are not dirty people. We are just a normal family with 5 kids, 1 inside dog and a powerful vacuum
: )

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Angela said...

This sounds wonderful! I need a new vacum really bad. I have to tell you-your blog had my husband and I looking up commericials on you tube the other night about Zach, the lego maniac. We have a Zach too, and he loves legos. We were singing that song all day. How funny.