Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Monday!!

It's Monday!!! I decided to go crazy and take this week off from school after all. YIPPY!!! I am going to use this week to do crafts with the 3 middle kids, cleaning and organizing (the hallway closet is high on my list), and enjoy the break with the kids. This is a busy time of year and it is only going to be getting busier.

Emily's birthday is 3 weeks from tomorrow. Her adoption is suppose to be that day too. We plan on having a celebration that day to celebrate both. Zachary's birthday is on December 29th. So time to organize will make things easier in the upcoming 5 weeks.

I am feeling much better today. Saturday was awful (as you can probably tell if you read the previous post). Yesterday we went to church and I came home and watch a movie. I usually don't take the time to sit and watch one....but you know what....IT FELT GREAT!!!! I then cleaned the black hole (my room). After dinner I watched the Amazing Race.

I am taking a step back right now in homeschooling. I am my worst critic. I know the kids are progressing in their education. I think I need to chill out. Instead of being worried about what might happen years from now I am just going to concentrate on this year.

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