Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Hair Do

I believe I have mentioned it before but I will just in case you are new to the blog. I have 3 beautiful children that are adopted. I feel truly blessed and I KNOW each one was picked out by God Himself.

My oldest daughter has a stubbornness about her (I don't know where she gets that from ; )
She can be told something over and over but until she experiences it herself she isn't going to believe you.

Well today she got a lesson on disobedience. Jessica is biracial...her birth father was black and her birth mother was spanish and white (so I guess that is tri-racial). To look at her you won't automatically say she was black....except for the hair. The hair gives it away (not that it a secret or anything). She has extremely thick hair with tight curls.

With ethnic hair you do not need to wash it as often. In fact, there was a time a few years ago that I would bring her to the hairdresser once a month and they would wash and straighten it. That would last her the whole month. The place I was going to closed and since then I have been doing it at home.

Well my little darling likes to do her own thing. As many times as I would hide the shampoo or tell her not to wash her hair she would. Let's face it....who can resist the delicious smell of the shampoo. So after fighting endless wars on this I told her if she was going to wash it she needed to brush it out (not an easy task). I would remind her over and over. Long story short.....she has NOT been brushing it out. She washes it and puts it right back in a ponytail. Today I went to take the scrunchy out and the hair was so knotted it stayed right it that position. There was only one thing to do......cut it.

I didn't want to cut it. In fact, I tried my hardest to brush it out but it was BAD! But this brought about some great learning opportunities. First off, before I even started Jessica's hair she had an upset face. I asked her what the problem was. She said "I have just wish right now, that is to have straight hair." This has been a sore spot for her for 3 years now. Many of her friends have long, straight hair. She use to wish for it. Today I told her "You know Honey, God gave you that beautiful curly hair. And by saying that you wish you had straight hair it is like saying that you think God made a mistake. God doesn't make mistakes. But you did make a mistake. You decided not to take care of it. Wishing for straight hair isn't going to solve this, but you realizing you did something wrong will."

When it came time for the cut she cried BUCKETS! Yes, I did cut it myself. I used this opportunity to talk to her about disobedience and consequences. I have told her many times that everything we do has an affect, whether good or bad. This was a result of her wanting to do her own thing (like I said, this is an area we are working on consistently). I did call Chris and the boys up (they were out getting their own haircuts) and told them that they need to use compassion when they come in. Jessica was upset enough.

Well to all our surprise, her hair came out pretty cute. I say surprise for 2 reason...1 I did it and 2 the horrible mess it was in. I took off at least 8-10 inches in spots---if not more. So what do you think?
Jessica's new do. The front is pinned up.

We did show compassion and love too. Her Daddy picked her up a sundae to cheer her up. Who would have thought that one haircut could bring about some many of life lessons.

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SuperAngel said...

Oh my! poor girl! I guess she will brush it out now, right?
The new do is really cute! :) Tell her I like it.

Thanks for the bday wishes! :) HUGS!
Hope everything is going good for you
Miss Amanda