Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's Ramblings

Today I am off and running. It's co-op day! I teach the high school chemistry class. Today we are doing 4 experiments to catch us up since my lab kits just came in on Tuesday. Chris will be home with Emily. I love that they get to spend special time together on Thursdays, just the two of them : )

Tomorrow night is our support group meeting. I am suppose to be leading it but I am at a loss for a topic. I hate to make it open forum but I don't think there is any particular subject matter I feel lead to at this time. Any suggestions?

I follow a blog called Ashley's Story (you can get to it from my side bar under Blogs I Love). This poor sweet little girl is only 3 years old. About 2 years ago she had a multiple organ transplant and right now she is fighting rejection. Yesterday they did another biopsy to see if there is any improvement. Sometime during the night her Mom updated saying she was spiking a fever and she doesn't like the way she looks. Please pray. Please go over to the blog and leave the Mom a word of encouragement. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know I haven't been posting much....Things are so busy right now with school. The only time I really have for posting is on the weekends. And by then, many times I just want to veg out and relax when I can! I am working on doing a regular school update on the weekends. I finally got a post up on my cooking blog too! That's progress for me! :)

Wow - you teach high school chemistry in the co-op????? Can you come and teach it to my teen next year??? :) Just kidding!

Well, I am so ready to get in my comfy recliner, snuggle under my quilt, relax and watch some TV! Friday nights and Saturday mornings are my two times on the weekend I get to veg and watch a little TV and take a break from school. I so look forward to it every week!

Hope you have a great weekend!