Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun and Relaxing

What a great weekend we just had. Friday night Chris and I went on a date. We started off at a family owned Italian style restaurant. The quality of food is so much better at this type of restaurant compared to the chain-type. After dinner we ran to the market.....wild--I know!! I needed to pick up a couple of things and we rented a movie from Redbox. While out, my Mom called. Emily had been going around the house looking for me. I had been out all afternoon at a tea (I will do another post on that) and I was home for a very short period of time before heading out to dinner. I missed her too : ( So my Honey being the great Dad he is, scooped her up when we got home and we played with her on our bed. It was a fun way to end the day....listening to her laughing.

Saturday my sister-in-law and nephews left around 9 a.m.. She ended up staying at her friends house through today. I think she can tell that I am not happy with her right now. Somehow, I became the bad guy in all her drama. I had to really bring this before God. It was my idea to bring her to my house. My idea not to take a dime of money from them so she could save it all. I have tried to help her make wise decisions (and put her children first for once). Our lives have been totally interrupted for the last month....but yet she looks at me as the enemy. She said that she keeps trying to take 2 steps forward but "people" keep pushing her 4 steps back!! There is a fine line between compassion and enabling. It started out as me trying to show her compassion but it ended up that she really doesn't want to change her life. She thrives on the drama. So I had to stop. I had to make it not so easy for her. She noticed that and went to her friends house. At first I was angry. Then after praying I was reminded about how Jesus must have felt. He was performing all these miracles for people but yet He was betrayed, spit upon, and hung on a cross. How can I compare to that? I can't. Talk about putting things in perspective. My family just enjoyed the day yesterday, Sunday, drama free. The day was just so smooth. Chris was finishing up dinner in the kitchen, Emily was walking around, CJ was doing homework at the computer, and the 3 middle kids were sitting at the table playing cards as I corrected papers from my Chemistry class. I loved it. Chris looked at me and I told him "I just love our family". He agreed.

Saturday was awesome!! CJ had a JV football game. I didn't get to go because the van is still leaking transmission fluid (and we can see from where) and they switch the location of his game. BUT, he had quite the cheering section! My dear friend Pam brought her 3 girls; JoHannah (who is in my Chemistry class), Clara, and Allison along with 3 of CJ's other friends; Luke, Tasha and Brianna (Luke and Tasha are in my Chemistry class). My friend Wendy's husband brought their 2 kids along with her step-father. Chris was able to get out of work a little early to go. Pam's daughter's made a sign for CJ (he loved it!!!). During the game he could hear them cheering for him. He LOVES that! He thrives on it. They must have been an inspiration for him because he (as the quarterback) ran in for not one-but 2 touch downs!!!! I can't believe I missed it! After the game Pam came over with all the kids. The kids played ultimate frisbee and football with Chris outside. I made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. A good time was had by all.

Saturday night CJ and Zachary slept over my mother's house so they could go to church with her. So Sunday morning I only had 3 kiddos. It's so funny how having 3 is such a break for me. Emily decided she wanted to be a big girl and sit at the little table we have for breakfast instead of her highchair.
She was funny. She would take a bit and then run over to me in the kitchen. I would tell her to go get back in her seat and those little legs would run back as she laughed. She would wiggle herself back into her chair. It was adorable. After breakfast I did some breakfast baking for the week. I made a double batch of blueberry muffins, a banana bread and banana muffins. I had walked out of the kitchen for a minute and came back to find this....
Isn't she so cute!!! She had the door closed at first when I walked in. I could hear her laughing so I peaked in. If you can't tell....I love to hear her laugh. It is one of those whole body belly laughs. I am having tons of fun with her. I am enjoying the moment and not trying to rush through the toddler years. Instead I am trying to embrace them.

Well that pretty much wraps up the weekend. Since Chris is working it is a school day for us.

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Kate said...

Your date night sounds like so much fun. We usually end our date nights by going to Wal-Mart for awhile.

I have found your hospitality with your sister-in-law and nephews so inspiring. It sounds like you have done a fantastic job of staying true to yourself and your convictions, while trying to mentor in a loving manner. I'm sorry it has been so rough on you all though. Maybe this current situation is for the best.