Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is a Meme over at Homeschool Blog Awards. I thought it would be fun to do. I am to list 10 (or more) interesting, fun, weird, or crazy facts about myself. So here goes!

1. I have chocolate EVERY day in some form (pudding, ice cream, candy, hot chocolate to name a few).
2. When I was a teenager I preached twice in front of the whole church during our Teen-Take over services. I couldn't do it now. I don't like to talk in front of groups of people.
3. Most people would probably say I have a very (loud) outgoing personality. In truth I am shy and I make myself talk to get over my fear.
4. When I was in Middle School my best friend was Jessica (like my oldest daughter). I thought it was so cool that she was called Jessie at home.
5. I pick things up off the floor with my toes (family sister can do it too!)
6. I played the flute from 4th grade through 12th grade.
7. Because of being sick so much with mono in high school I had to make up 8 weeks worth of school. They made me come back the year after I was suppose to graduate to do it. I finished in November.
8. Because of #7 I actually graduated married. I finished school in November, married in January and had the graduation ceremony in June. BTW, by diploma does have the November date as the date of completion.
9. Our 2nd son, Zachary, was name after a Lego commercial from our childhood. On our honeymoon we talked about future kids names and my hubby said he wanted "Zach- Zach, he's a Lego maniac". I know you are all singing it now : )
10. When I go grocery shopping I put my things on the belt grouped together by categories. Examples---all the frozen things together, all bathroom things in another group. can foods has a separate get the idea. Hubby likes to drive my crazy and throw things randomly up there just to get me going.
11. After I take a shower I always put my socks on first because I can't stand the feeling of floor (or rugs) on my feet. In fact, it is a rare occasion that you will find my walking barefoot....even in the summer.
12. I am STILL afraid of thunder storms.
13. When I was 10 I was "Little Miss Southeastern Massachusetts Hemisphere".
14. I have gone to college 3 different times. First time for Medical Secretary (didn't finish because we moved back to Massachusetts after Chris was done with the military). Second time was Medical Assistant. I worked for a year and a half. Third was for Nursing. I have an Associates in Nursing.
15. Even though I do have a degree in nursing I chose to stay home full-time with my children after working 5 years..and I DON'T MISS IT----AT ALL!!!!


Glenda said...

What a sissy thing! Not only can I also pick up things with my toes I can not stand the feel of rug on my feet and my grocery cart has to be organized by items. all cans together, boxes together, produce...
As for Chris, yes you have a keeper! : )

The Happy Housewife said...

Hey, we have a few things in common. I missed 3 months of school with mono in the 11th grade. I also pick things up with my toes. So much easier than bending over!