Friday, September 26, 2008

In Other News...

In other news, SIL and kids are still with us. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks. Oh boy, it has been an interesting 2 weeks. While still trying to walk in compassion, tough love is having to be used along with house rules. I was wearing myself out and feeling like the not-so-merry-maid. I was doing all the cleaning, laundry, cooking and childcare while she talked on the phone, texted, went on the computer, layed on the couch, or watched t.v.. I understand that she works from 8-3 at a daycare but I work too. I just don't get a paycheck...I get payed in hugs and kisses instead : )

So now she is doing her own laundry, I don't unlock the t.v. until the kids are ready for bed, and Chris talked to her about helping clean up after a meal. It is a start. If I could, I would take her cell phone and throw it out the window! She is always on it....and I do mean ALWAYS!! And she isn't always appropriate with her conversations. While I know hospitality should be important, my priority is protecting my children from behaviors and conversations they should not be a part of. In fact, my darling nephew went and got suspended from school yesterday for getting into a fist fight. When they got home I told both SIL and nephew that this is not acceptable behavior in this house and she will have to make arrangement for his missed day from school because I was not a babysitting service. I have been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things this year. I couldn't have him here as an add distraction. Some might think this was mean of me. I call it tough love. This isn't the first time he has gotten suspended from school or camp. This is an ongoing problem.

Chris brought her around yesterday to different places to find a place to live and see if there was any help out there for her. There are a few prospects. Since she has very limited resources, we are trying to convince her that the priority is getting an apartment before a car. Since she will be living in the city, there are public transportation options. She can look into getting a car when she does her taxes in February. She can NOT wait until February to get an apartment. We have to be very specific and clear when talking with her. Boundaries.

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