Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dave Ramesy's Thoughts on the Bail-Out

I got this today from Dave Ramsey. You can go to daveramsey.com to find out more about him. This is the email that I got today. Pass it on.

3 Steps to Change the Nations Future
We are at a crucial time in our country's financial history. Congress defeated the $700 billion bailout plan on Monday. However, they are revising it and trying to push it through again. I'm supporting an alternative plan that will keep our nation from going even deeper in debt, and I've been on TV and radio all week telling people about it.

We need everyone's help!
3 Steps to Change the Nation's Future

Follow the instructions below. Together we can change history.
1.Pray For Your Leaders

Pray for them to resist a spirit of FEAR and to embrace WISDOM. Even if you don't like them or agree with them, pray for them and tell them you are praying for them. There is a spirit over this problem that must be broken. Also, most of the media personalities are afraid as well and that is affecting their reporting. Pray for fear to be removed from them; they are making this worse.
Send the Common Sense Fix

2.Send The Common Sense Fix to your Representatives and Senators and tell them how you expect them to vote, and that if they put this nation in $700 billion of debt, that you will vote them out. It's their job to listen to us! (Whichever presidential candidate or political party that champions this plan from their leadership down will likely become the next president. That is because this plan fixes the crisis while going along with the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.)

1. First, read this page (PDF) (go to http://www.daveramsey.com/media/pdf/the_common_sense_fix.pdf to read it)
2. Next, copy the info on this page (text file) (go to http://www.daveramsey.com/common_sense_fix.txt to get this)
3. Send it to your Senators and representatives by copying and pasting the text in the web form you're sent to.

*Note: If their websites are down, that means we're making a difference! Keep refreshing the page until you get through. You can also go through Congress.org, though we don't endorse this site.
Tell Others

3. Forward this email to everyone in your address book and tell them to urgently follow these 3 steps TODAY. The more people we have supporting this and contacting their elected leaders, the more likely we can turn our economy around!

I don't know about you but this burns me up to think our tax money is going to be used for this. Seriously, they are not helping me while I am paying outrageously for gas, nor are they helping to pay my electric bill when it becomes due. Everyone I know is struggling. Where is OUR bail out!! Small business are going belly-up all over...what about them?!?! I feel this is the rich looking out for the rich. I think our country was so greedy the last few years...all you heard about was more-More-MORE!! People were not happy with what they had, they had to have more. And these companies had no problem 3 years ago handing out mortgages and raking in the money. But then the companies became greedy. What did they do, they raised millions of interest rates. And slowly it all came crumbling down. I know first hand how it worked, but that is for another day (all I will say is there is only so much a person can take).

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Constituent_Response_Team said...

We need to focus on "un-electing" those Senators and Representatives who voted "yes" for the Bailout. They were willing to ignore the 90% of us who were against the Bailout, clearly demonstrating that they do NOT represent us.

A new group called the Constituent Response Team has been working to do just that. 

CRT has put together a Bailout Vote Map that makes it easy (as a mouse click) to find out how your Senators and Representatives voted. Tell all your family and friends about it, so they can find out how their Representative and Senators voted before they cast their ballot on Tuesday. 

The Constituent Response Team has also just published pre-customized web banners and ads targeted at those who voted "yes" for the Bailout. You can easily paste these ads onto your website or blog (or social networking site) using simple embedding code (provided off course).

If you are interested in either, check out Constituent Response at http://www.constituentresponse.com . The Bailout Vote Map is on the main page; the "Vote 'no" on incumbents who voted 'yes'" ads are under the Host CRT Ads link.