Friday, September 26, 2008

The Amazing Emily

Emily is really coming out her shell lately. She is down right becoming a social butterfly! I love it!! Yesterday Chris dropped her off to me at co-op. He brought his sister to all the places she should have gone to 2 weeks ago when her boyfriend broke up with her. But this is not about's about Emily so back to her. Emily at first was a little shy (which is expected when she is around others). She was in her stroller and I brought her into Chemistry class with me. She stayed in the stroller for about 10 minutes. I let her out and she played with her toys and walked around the room. She did cry once when one of the girls in the class said no to her (she cries whenever she hears the no word. I think it is the tone it is said in and not the word itself).

After class we headed upstairs to big fellowship room. Classes were still going on so she had to play quietly until they ended. But once they ended she was off and running. Chris came back to have lunch with us. We were BOTH in shock at how much she was interacting with everyone. Just a few months ago I went to my friend Wendy's house and Emily wouldn't leave my side. Imagine our shock when Emily was walking around yesterday hugging kids, talking (baby talk) to babies in stollers and running with the other toddlers. IT WAS AMAZING!! God has been doing such a great work in her. In fact, on Tuesday the social worker came over for her monthly visit. She kept telling us how she couldn't believe the difference in Emily. Emily was going over to her with toys, sitting next to her, singing to herself...she was being the Emily we get to enjoy on a daily basis but seems to go into hiding when others come around. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to see her like this.

Talking about the social worker visit, we turned in (finally) the paperwork for the finalization of the adoption. The SW now does her thing. National Adoption Day is in November. We decided against doing it on this day. Instead we are looking to finalize in December, which just happens to be when Emily's birthday is. So guess what! We are trying to get her birthday as the finalization day. Wouldn't that be awesome! To actually adopt her on her 2nd birthday!! I can't wait!! I was sitting with her at breakfast today...just the two of us and I couldn't stop looking at her little hands. Have you ever watched a toddler's hands? They are amazing! The way they hold objects and move...oh I could have sat there longer looking at them.

Okay, just one more story...this cracked me up this morning. CJ wasn't feeling good and was laying on the couch with the tissue box on the floor. Emily went over to the box, grabbed a tissue and started (fake) coughing and wiping her nose with the tissue. It was just too cute. My little actress was going for an Oscar.

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