Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going Down for the Count

There are 7 of us in our family---Chris, me and 5 kids. By all accounts we are considered a "large" family. Maybe not by homeschool standards (I would consider us average) but for the "typical american family" yes. Well one thing large families like to share with each other....GERMS!! Here's the run down: CJ and Zachary both went to the doctor today because their asthma was acting up. We found out they both have ear infections. Alex has a low grade fever and a cough (he has never been diagnosed with asthma). Jessie doesn't have a fever yet but her temp is on its way up. Chris feels awful. His whole body hurts, fatigue, headache no fever. Emily has a runny nose and myself...well my throat hurts, fatigue, chest and back hurt especially when I cough and my glands are a little swollen. Didn't these germs know that Mom's aren't suppose to get sick. I have to stay strong to take care of everyone else. I will NOT go down without a fight!!

So please pray for our family. BTW, we still have our vistors and I couldn't imagine them getting sick on top of this. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

judy .... stay healthy!!!