Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick Weekend Post

Yahoo!! It's the weekend and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! Here in Massachusetts it finally feels like spring. Yesterday was in the low 70's and today seems to be heading the same way. This is my favorite time of year---when the temp is in the 70's, sunny, maybe a light breeze...aahhh...perfect.

I went yesterday to a cookie decorating class with Jessie. It was lots of fun.

Me and Jessie

Wendy with her daughter Rachel.

My friend Laura with 3 of her daughters.
Emma, Abigail, and Katherine

Jessie's beautiful butterfly!

Made into a bouquet

We got things done this week in our homeschooling. Of course, not as much as I wanted, but we did make progress. I plan on doing some schooling during the summer so I am not stressing too much about it. Monday I went to a Tapestry of Grace Tea. This is a gathering put on by someone that already uses Tapestry to inform people on the curriculum. Pam did a fantastic job of breaking down a curriculum that looks so overwhelming. To be honest, I DID try TOG a few years ago. A failed miserably. My expectations were way too high. Actually HIGH doesn't even describe it...they were outrageous!! But now I have a fresh and more realistic expectation. I am seriously thinking of trying it again this upcoming year. I haven't decided what to do about my oldest CJ. I am praying about it right now. He is a textbook kind of kid. With that said though, he does plan on going to college in 3 years. I know from when I went to college that it is TONS of reading.....very little read a little/spit out some answers. I rather have him transition with me into a higher level of learning than send him off to college and have him lost. Next weekend is the homeschool convention so I will be doing more looking then.

Well I guess I should go. Busy day today. The kids and I spend Saturday mornings cleaning (hubby has his days off during the week). Zachary and Alex are going to a birthday party this afternoon. After that Zachary has baseball practice (Dad is the coach).

Have a great weekend!!

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