Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday

FLU!!! It has hit our home. My poor hubby and baby girl are sick. Chris came home from work Sunday not feeling well. Body aches, tired, headache. I just thought that he was run down. He is lucky if in any given night he gets 4 hours sleep. He gets up between 2:50 and 3:20 a.m. 5 days a week....while still going to be most days after 11. He does take a nap most days when he comes home, but isn't good for you. I thought it had just caught up with him. By Sunday night he was running a fever and down for the count. Monday afternoon Emily had Early Intervention. Usually she is a happy little girl. Very playful. NOT MONDAY! It was to the point that if I just looked at her or talked she would start crying (I thought she wasn't suppose to do that until much later in life ; ) We cut the session short. Sure enough, after EI left I took her temp---102. I knew it!! During EI I said I thought she had a fever. EI reached over and told me she didn't feel warm. A MAMA KNOWS!

They both went to the doctor yesterday. He said it was the flu and just keep doing what we are doing. I praise God no one else has gotten sick (I am sure the Vitamin C pills I have been giving everyone else is helping). Since last night I have felt almost on the brink of getting something..but nothing yet. I pray it stays that way.

Emily was suppose to go to Children's Hospital yesterday to have the leads put on for her 48 hour EEG. Needless to say, I canceled. I couldn't see putting her through that while she was already miserable. But wouldn't you she had one of her episodes. How fustrating. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough to tape it.

Tomorrow is co-op. We don't have too many weeks left. Including tomorrow, I believe there are 6. I love my class. They are a great group of young adults. I try to make things interesting and make them laugh. Last week they were doing a dissection of a perch (fish). I was going over to the different work stations talking to them about what they were doing. Someone mentioned how tight the jaw was on their perch. So me, being the comedian that I am, put my finger slightly in--screamed and told them my finger was stuck. Their faces were priceless. It made up for the earthworm dissection. I am paranoid of worms. I am talking about full blown freaks me out (the way some are afraid of spiders). When I was a child my brother use to chase me around with them and then throw them at me : (
I warned the class of this. After they got done with their dissections that week a few of them thought they would be funny and tie their worm in a bow for me. Then try to show me. NOT FUNNY!!!

I just realized I forgot to put Easter pictures up. Here are a few. I must run and finish getting ready for tomorrow.

My crew.


Just being goofy.

She had enough Easter by now.

CJ and Emily

Emily hamming it up.

CJ helping Emily find the eggs

Emily looking in her bucket

Alex and Jessica

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