Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Today is my little love Alex's birthday. He is 6 years old today. I got my little cutie soon after his 2nd birthday (him and Jessie came as a package deal). He came to us with chubby checks, a huge smile, curly hair and lots of hugs. Four years later his checks are thinned out and his hair is cut short (can't really see the curls now) but he still has a smile that melts a heart.
Here's some pictures of him through the years.

At the park. Alex 2 years old

Alex's 1st Easter with us. 2---almost 3

Alex's 3rd Birthday!

Alex's 4th birthday

Goofing around at Alex' birthday

Alex just being cute.

Alex's 5th birthday. Do you see the horns his brother was giving him?

Alex at co-op this year.

Alex being funny during Valentine craft time.

Alex 2008 Easter.

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