Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Friend's Birthday Party

Saturday, Zachary and Alex went to their friend's birthday party. They had lots of fun. While there I learned something new and creative. One of the birthday presents for Joshua was from his cousin. She is maybe 10. Well this smart little cutie-pututie came up with great idea. How many times have you given a gift in those gift bags only for the card to get lost somewhere in the bag? This little girl put the card in the bag attached to a piece of ribbon that hung out the side of the bag. All that needed to be done was for Joshua to pull the string...and *puff* there's the card. I thought this was so cleaver!

My very talented friend Connie made the cake. She is amazing! If you go on Cake Central you can view all her cakes. Just type in Amazing Grace Cakes and you will find them all. Here's a picture on Saturday's creation.

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