Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Meanderings

It's Monday!! The start of a new homeschool week : )
This is potentially a busy week for us. Planning seems to make it go smoother. So 5 areas to work in are:

1. Bible/Devotion
As a family we need to be more consistent in devotions. My goal this week is for me to start the day off with a devotion. I have the Miller Books. They have a scripture verse I can go over with the kids and then a story. This is good for their age group. At night, Chris does his devotions with the kids.

2. To Do:
Monday---Early Intervention is coming to work with Emily for 2 hours.
CJ has an away baseball game. Need to get him to the high school early to leave.
Tapestry Tea. This is a gathering to find out all the ins and outs of Tapestry of Grace. I don't know if I will be using this this year but I know someday I will be using it.

Tuesday---Cookie Class. Jessie and I are going to my friend Connie's house to learn how to decorate cookies. I thought this would be a good mother/daughter time.

Wednesday---CJ has an away game. This one is in the city we use to live in so we will all be going to this (weather permitting).

Thursday---Co-op during the day. At night Chris has his baseball draft for Zachary's team.

Friday---CJ has a make-up class for his logic class this night. After the class the kids are going to play games.

Saturday---Zachary and Alex have a birthday party to go to. Baseball practice will be starting for Zachary this day too.

I also have to make some phone calls I have been putting off:
BJU to make sure my order went through for CJ's testing in May.

My nursing license expires next month on my birthday. I forgot to do a change of address with the board when we moved a year and half ago. I need to call them and give it to them so they will send me my application for renewal. Even though I am not presently working as a nurse I am going to keep my license active. I never know if or when I will need it. Early Intervention keeps asking me if I would be interested in working one day a week with them. It is VERY tempting.

RSVP to an anniversary party for my Uncle and Aunt. It is a surprise 40th. I think the real surprise is the fact that my cousin invited all of us!! : ) My sister was just as surprised she got invited. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to get invited and see my cousins...I just don't know if my Aunt will be just as happy (she is a let me change that...she is ALOT stuck up!!!)

3. Prepare for Convention.
I can't believe the convention is already next week. Over the weekend I did some research on curriculum choices and on workshops they are holding. Anyone using Learning Language Arts through Literature?

4. Homeschooling
I need to have more of a routine for our school day. I am easily distracted. The computer is probably my biggest downfall. I need to stay OFF of it during school time. I read somewhere before that when we get distracted by the computer, phone, t.v., or whatever your distraction may be it gives a terrible message to the kids. It tells them that school isn't that important to you for you to stop what you are doing. I have found that the kids take their lead from me.

5. Menu
Monday--Chicken and Potatoes
Tuesday--American Chop Suey
Wednesday--Taco Tuesday
Thursday--Chicken Bowl
Friday--Sloppy Joes and Fries
Saturday--Pizza Night
Sunday--Roast Chicken

I hope everyone has a great week.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a busy week & a YUMMY menu! We love taco's!! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds good. How do you make the Chicken Bowl?

Hope you have a wonderful week!