Thursday, May 28, 2009

CJ Baseball

CJ came home Tuesday night with this......

My boy is a letterman!!!

Not bad for a homeschool sophomore!!! The town we live in allows homeschoolers to play sports on their high school team. I remember when I first wanted to homeschool, one of my husband's biggest questions was whether or not CJ would be able to play sports in high school (CJ was going into 4th grade at the time). I did research and found out the in MA it is a town-by-town decision. I then looked up colleges and gave Chris a list of over 100 top colleges that did accept homeschoolers. This relived Chris' concerns.

Now you might be asking----"are sports really THAT important". The only way I can answer this is by telling you that it matters the circumstances. You see, in general I would say No, sports are not that important. BUT, Chris and I, along with CJ truly believe, 100% that CJ's sports ability is given by God, the same way that some are inclined to a musical instrument.

We have seen God use CJ, in his sport capacity, to bring glory to Him.

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