Monday, May 11, 2009

20 Week Update-----Late.

Sorry I am late with my 20 week update. I am feeling a little better than I was last week but I am also not doing a whole heck of alot. Most of my day is sitting. But that is all about to change, atleast for the next 21 hours.

I went today and got "wired up"----I have a heart monitor on me for 24 hours. I was told during this time to do normal activities. Looks like I can't hide from doing the laundry now : )

My emotions are ALL over. I can start crying very easily (and have been) and the pregnancy monster has reared its ugly head a few (too many) times. I think part of my emotions I am feeling is from the fact that I feel overwhelmed right now. I have had about 2 weeks of feeling good so far. Since January I feel like my house is such a mess, like I can never catch up. Then, of course, is the character issues with the kids. When I am not feeling good I am not on top of it like I should be. There has been times that I tell the kids (and myself) that Chris will discipline them when he gets home and then I forget. Too many times of me forgetting equals kids who think they can now get away with things.

Tomorrow is a new day. God has gotten me through today (which was a tough one). One thing I can say though is, I can see areas that we need to improve upon. Areas like a schedule and chores. It is like God is giving me a gentle whack-up-side-my-head. I have know for years that I need to have more of a schedule. I know that it is from God, but you see......I obviously haven't listened. So know things are coming to a head. God tried showing me it is time for Him to get tough. Prayer---- God, I am listening. I know better to deal with this now then in September when I am laid up from having Nicholas. I give over to you.

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