Saturday, May 3, 2008


Weekends can be just as busy as during the week!! Weather permitting we will have LOTS of baseball this weekend, along with me going to the grocery store, all of us to church and an anniversary party for my uncle and aunt. I need to get some school planning in this weekend too.

Today I plan on going shopping. I use to go to a meat market. When we moved a year and half ago it became inconvenient to go (it would be about a half hour trip each way and with gas as high as it is, usually not worth it). HOWEVER, I need to pick my mother up today to sleep over. The meat market isn't that far from her house (less than 10 minutes). I decided for fun to look up the meat market online. To my amazement, boneless chicken is on sale. I usually get my meat from BJ's--which is lower than the market. But not today. BJ's boneless skinless--$2.79 a pound...30 pounds will cost= $83.70. Meat market has it on sale for $1.98 a pound..30 pounds will be $59.40 for a savings of $24.30!!! Well worth the trip today!!!!

In other news---CJ is over the moon right now. He got invited to go with another homeschool family, The Rocks, on a 10-12 day trip. The Rock's son is going to be in a national competition in Alabama. They decided to make this a family vacation and not only go there but to the Creation Museum. They are looking into going to other places too while down south. What a great opportunity for my son.

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