Friday, May 9, 2008

A BIG Thank you President Bush

Where should I send the Thank You note? Today we received our rebate check. YAHOO!!! YIPPY!! We are very thankful for this check. With this check we are going to finally get the car fixed. Hubby's engine blew out months ago and we haven't had the extra money to get it fixed (see why we need a financial makeover). The car got picked up yesterday (I am sure the neighbors must have been cheering for that one). Today I plan on ordering the engine. Someone from hubby's work has a garage and he will be installing the engine at a pretty good price.

I can't wait to have a second car again!!! My reasons:

--The car gets much better gas mileage than the van. So we should save some $$ on gas.

--I have had to pull out or not sign up for some activities due to having only one car---piano lessons, swim lessons, sewing, and cake decorating class just to name a few.

--My hubby works EVERY Sunday (not by choice but due to the type of work he does. His days off are during the week) so my Mom has been nice enough to sleep over on Saturday night so she can bring my hubby to a co-workers house to ride into work with.....She brings him AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!! Can you believe Mom has been doing this for us so my children can go to church.

--CJ won't have to walk to practices for high school sports anymore in the rain (he did it in the snow too). Not that he ever complained about doing this...not even once.

--Freedom to go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings.

--Not having to make two trips to the baseball field (or many other places when Mom is with us) so we can all go to the game.

I looking forward to the weekend. I am going scrapbooking tomorrow from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.. I can't wait. I don't seems to get very much scrapbooking down unless I go somewhere. Mother's day is of course Sunday. We are planning on just making in a relaxing day. Chris is either going have the kids cook dinner for me or we are going to get take-out. I don't really like going out on days like that when everyone and their brother is out. I am looking forward to just enjoying the day with the family. As far as favorite gifts are the ones the kids make. Give me a craft over a piece of jewelry any day. One more thing

I do have a few splurge things I like for this day...massage, pedicure or facial--hint-hint.

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