Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boycott Subway

I use to love Subway sandwiches. Notice that I said "use to love". Well that is because Subway is discriminating against homeschooler. They are having a contest Every Sandwiches Tells a Story. It is open to "public, private and parochial schools that serve grades Pre-K-6. No home schools will be accepted." That is a direct quote from the contest website . When I first heard about it this weekend I couldn't believe it, until I checked it out myself.

Yesterday I did something about it. I called Subways Corporate customer service number and gave them my opinion about all this. I asked them if Subway was discriminating against homeschooler because hsers are known to score higher on standardized tests, win national spelling bees and in general do better. I asked them if they were afraid that homeschoolers would make their counterpart look bad. I also told them there is close to 2 million children schooled at home and they have picked the wrong group to discriminated against. I was told that by the end of the day there should be something on the Subway website about this situation. I just checked. I didn't see anything....only the previous rules I stated about.

So now I am Boycotting Subway. I will no longer go there until they fix this. Not only that, I am asking that you pass along this customer service number and call them and let them know you don't think it is right they are not letting homeschoolers enter this contest.

There number is 1-800-888-4848. Let our voices be heard!!

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Cathy said...

thank you for this update. I have been a big Subway fan but no more. I don't homeschool now but have in the past. I just read briefly your last few entries. Our birthdays are just one day apart (May 12th) but really years apart as I just turned 51. Yipes!
Also we have adopted 6 children. My babies are 15yr. old twins then 3 years ago an Angel came to us with full Trisomy18. We fell for the story about how she wouldn't and still can't live. My heart was gone with her and she is still here at 3. She at 48 I again took this leap. She is pure joy. Thank you for your love of adoption. Cathy & Annabel