Monday, March 1, 2010

Yippy!! March 1st!!!

I LOVE March 1st! Why you may ask? Well I have SAD (seasonal depression). Winter can be real tough. December, January, and February equals cold weather, being cupped up in the house, less sunlight, and the grass being covered by that awful white stuff. March 1st means I made it through another winter. YEAH!!!

March is a new beginning.
Spring is within reach. Now if it snows, I know it will be gone within a few weeks.
The days are getting longer--- I love sunshine.
Days are getting a (little) warmer. Here in New England, the kids are trying to ditch their winter jackets when it hits 50, it is sweatshirt weather, and 60's you will see kids in shorts (I kid you not).

So with this new beginning comes a new beginning of sorts for my blog.
If you notice, I haven't blogged much since Nicholas was born. It isn't that I haven't wanted to. It isn't even that I didn't have time. My biggest obstacle.......myself! I have lots of things I would like to blog about, but then I talk myself out of it, figuring people wouldn't be interested. Then it dawned on me, something is better than nothing! Some of my favorite blogs have small entries about this or that. I can do that.

My goal for March....every day to post this month. Can it be done? I guess we are about to see.
See you tomorrow! : )

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THANK THE LORD FOR MARCH 1ST!!! good for you...daily posts ;o) Go for 'that'! You can do it! Keep it up & I'll keep reading. I can hardly wait to see some pics of the lil' man. hint-hint. ;o)