Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Age...a 9 Year Old's Perspective.

Here is a conversation I had with Jessica (age 9) yesterday:

To set things up, we were talking about an actress and Jessie asked me if the actress was young--

Me--"Well, what do you consider young?"

Me--"What do you consider old?"
Jessica--"40." Let me remind you I am 36, going to 37 in May.

Me--"Well, Jessie, Auntie Glenda is 47, you consider her old?"
Jessica--"Oh yeah, she's REAL old." (she had great emphasis on REAL)

Me---"Well Nana is 65, what do you consider her?"
Jessica--"Oh I consider her almost a member of God's house."

My jaw dropped open.

Me---"What did you say?" Thinking maybe I heard wrong.
Jessica--"I said, she is almost a member of God's house."

I heard right.

Me---"Of God's house?"
Jessica--"Yes. You said when you accept God as your Savior than you will live with Him forever. So she is almost ready to live there so she is almost a member of His house."


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Karin Katherine said...

Out of the mouths of babes. I love it! Of course I'm 38---so I don't love it THAT much.