Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Talk about a big thrill for the boys today. My friend Wendy's son's birthday was Monday and to celebrate they went for a day of fun....they got to go to the Patriots Place which the home of the Patriots Hall of Fame. WOW!! They LOVED it! You have to understand, here in New England, we take sports seriously..... even as a child ; ) And here's another great reason to love homeschooling----they were able to go on a week day during school hours. Can you say field trip : ) They had the place to themselves until the end...and then there was only 2 other people there. Fun for them! Enjoy the pics.

Trophy Case

Replica of the locker room

Makes you feel like you are on the sideline.

From L to R
Jimmy (my friend Wendy's husband)
CJ (my oldest)
Chris (the love of my life)

My boys with the THREE Super Bowl Trophies
How cool is that!!
CJ, Zachary and Alex

One of the actual Super Bowl Rings
(sorry it is blurry)

Chris--The Enforcer

The kids (little and big) got to dress up as a Patriot.
Here, they are in huddle. Those are not the men.
It was actually interactive mannequins.
Brady called a play and everything.

Another Trophy Case
AFC trophies



Boys sitting on the sideline.

Chris with Zachary and Alex

We had fun!!!!

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