Wednesday, September 9, 2009

37 1/2 Weeks

Today's appointment with the midwife went very well.

BP 110/72
Wt---stayed the same : ) Total weight gain (according to them) 22. According to what I weighed the day before I found out 16!!!

She didn't bother measuring me. She said she has no worries and added"oh, your good"....with a laugh. Last week I already measured 40 weeks so I can only imagine what I was this week. I don't think there is any more room at the inn ; )

Everything is going according to plan. My next appointment, on Tuesday, will be with the doctor who will be performing the c-section. After the appointment I will go to pre-admission testing at the hospital.

I can't believe he will be here in 8 days----actually, more like 7 days, 11 hours but who's counting : )

Please keep me in your prayers. My mind can go a hundred miles per hour and can get away from me. I am trying to take every thought captive.

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mattswife1990 said...

Looking good, Judy! Friends from church had their baby via scheduled C-section yesterday... she is a cutie! :)

Will be praying for you as you anticipate the birth, and the surgery and recovery.

Amy :)