Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of July Wedding

On the 4th of July my family had the honor of attending one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever seen. It was not your typical wedding...but then again, this isn't your typical couple. First off, they courted instead dated. I have heard courting being thrown around for many years. I myself do not want my children to date. I want them to wait on the Lord to bring them their one and only. I believe dating just sets your heart up to get hurt and brings way too much temptation along with it. CJ is 14, going to be 15 next month. We presented to him what courting is (atleast to the best of our knowledge) 2 years ago on a camping trip Chris brought him on for his 13th birthday. Back then it was decided that he wouldn't date at that time and together we would come up with rules when then time did come. Now, almost 2 years later, CJ has decided that he wants to forgo dating and wait. It is an answer to prayer.

But now what. What are the rules? Honestly, I don't know. I have asked other families that will have their children court and I am told basically it will look different for each family. At this time I am not to worried...especially since he is only going on 15. I think we have time before his true love comes along. ATLEAST I HOPE SO! Chris and I were married at 18 and 19, but I can't see CJ being ready. He has goals that he wants to accomplish.

Back to the wedding. Jordan, Melissa and both their families are a great example of raising children according to the Bible and waiting on the Lord. Jordan is 26, Melissa is either 21 or 23 (sorry, I can't recall). The kept their heart and body pure before the Lord. Their first kiss (EVER!) was witnessed by 350+ people! YES, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Their first kiss was at their wedding. It amazes me. Now, I am NOT saying that if a couple kisses before they are married they are sinners and unclean. That is something I believe is between the couple and their family.

I found on youtube a short video from the wedding and I thought I would share. Enjoy!!


The Happy Housewife said...

Wow- that was quite different! I loved the woodlands theme! My boys would have loved to be at that wedding!

Michele said...

So beautiful! :) I love it.

My husband & I courted too, as did his sister & her husband. They had their 1st kiss at their wedding this past fall. :)

Michele :)