Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One hard nut to crack!

We have been dealing with some big-time heart issues around here. My oldest daughter, who is 7, had a horrible weekend. We had taken her out of co-op for a couple of months but let her go back for the last 3 weeks. She really just can't handle it. Starting Thursday night attitude set in and has been here ever since. My heart is breaking because I know it is a heart issue with her. I truly believe that she is angry with me that I am not her "birth mom". In her mind, I think she believes if she acts up enough for me that I will "give her back". Obviously this is not true. I love my daughter as if I had given birth to her myself but she honestly wears me out sometimes. She can be subtle in her disobedience and if you didn't know her you might take it that she is being "cute" or "just a kid". But it is her trying to show me that she is the boss.

God has been showing me today that I NEED to prepare myself better. I need to equip myself with bible verses and be able to show her what the bible says. As an example: Right now she is thinking she is wise in her own eyes. The bible talks about forgoing the wisdom of your parents...but I don't know exactly where it says it. Looks like I got some homework to do.

Finally yesterday Chris told her she needs to make a decision about being apart of the family---heart and all. So right now she is like an outsider looking in. She is not allowed to eat with us because we eat at a "family table", she is not allowed to play with her siblings because they are part of the family...stuff like that. It might sound tough...especially on a 7 year old, but you need to understand, she doesn't THINK like a 7 y.o.! And let me tell you...she is one tough nut to crack right now. She is stubborn!!!

If you get a moment, and you think of us, could you please lift us up in your prayers. Once she comes to the point of realizing how much she is wrong and being sinful we can let the healing begin.



Daddys Chicks said...

You and your daughter are in my prayers. I wish I had the words to gaive you that would end this for you. Please know that you ar ein my prayers. As a women the most powerful gift God has given us is prayer.

Letitia said...

Oh, my goodness. This sounds so much like my 10 year old. As you said, it might not look so bad to an outsider, but I know she is seeing how hard she can push and trying to be in control. I don't think hers is about her birthmother, at least at this point, but more of a control issue. The tough days reoccur too often, but I know each time, the Lord is teaching her something, and we have to patiently wait on Him to deal with her heart. Most all of my prayer for this child concern her heart. I'm so glad you had a break through. I pray it lasts for a good long time.