Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Meanderings

Bible/Devotions: We have been slacking in this area. Back to do doing this every night after dinner with Dad. If it is a day that we are going to eating at all different times then when Dad comes home we will do it.

Zone: Drawers. Everyone's bedroom drawers are a mess! We still have some clothes in there from summer and that don't fit.
Laundry room

Must Do: We are going to get back to getting our stuff ready for the next day the night before. This will include our clothes, backpack ready for co-op, and anything else that may be needed.
I need to revise the chore chart.
Clean off the top of my chest of drawers.

Character/Homeschool: We will be working on independent work habits. CJ (14) does his work by himself unless he doesn't understand something. Zachary has seat work that he can do without me. They need to work on sitting in their chairs and reading while waiting for me to help them.

Monday--Hamburg Rice
Tuesday--Taco Tuesday! Tacos, Rice, Veggie platter
Wednesday--Pizza night with my sister-in-law and her kids
Thursday--Hot chicken and egg noodles
Friday--To Be Announced
Saturday--We are going to a Baby Dedication
Sunday--Family Dinner out. We haven't been out as a whole family for dinner since CJ's birthday in August. Now with 7 of us this is a far few in between event.

Prayer Requests:
I have prayer requests that aren't for me but for people I haven't even met but have been laid on my heart to pray for.
1st is Debbie. She is my friend Pam's friend. Friday she had her 11th child. He needed to be delivered by c-section (baby #9 was a section too). They were unable to stablize her after surgery and ended up having to do a hysterectomy. She ended up in ICU. As of last nights update she has pneumonia, is vomiting, has a NG tube, and possible an internal bleed. I am hoping to get an update tonight.

2nd is baby Ashley. I found her blog through another blog I read, Happy Go Mommy. Ashley needs our prayers. She has 2 chest tubes right now and has been on a respirator to breath for 12 days now. They tried to take her off yesterday and had to put her back on. Her muscles are just to weak at this point for her to breath on her own. You can go to her blog at Ashley's Journal.

Have a great week!

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Angela said...

Looks like a full week, I'm glad you checked out the lounge, its been fun. I will remember your prayer requests, they sound so urgent right now.