Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Hot....and Humid!

Summer is finally upon us here in Southeaster New England. It's HOT and HUMID! YUCK! I know some people have been dealing with heat well over 90 and even over 100. I know you think I have no room to complain....but I still am : )-

You see, here in good old New England you never know what kind of weather you are going to get (unlike the south---which I did live in North Carolina for 4 years-----once it gets hot, it stays hot!). In May, I had Chris put the air conditioner in our bedroom in because we had a weekend of temperatures in the 80's. I thought for sure we were in for it. I should have know better.

Most days in June rained....no seriously it did. We would have one day of a temperature of 78 and then next day 61. You just never new what kind of day it was going to be. I don't think I used my a/c the whole month. I could deal with temperatures and actually enjoyed having the windows open, especially when there was a nice breeze. July has been hovering around 75ish. I was not complaining then. I still didn't use the air conditioner (except at night when I went to bed.) The humidity was low and it was VERY comfortable.

BUT, Since Thursday of last week we have been hit with higher temps (mid 80's) but the humidity is a killer. It is like stepping into a bathroom with a hot shower running. Some thrive in this weather. Me, I am stuck in the house with all 3 air conditioners on. Yes, I said 3.

Honestly, I have a medical reason for this. I have Raynaud's syndrome. Extremes in temperature affect me. In the winter it is the extreme low temperature. I can't seem to stay warm enough. I am cold down to my core. I have to keep the house at 72 degrees or I will end up with a headache, blue fingers and feet (literally) and they are in pain.

In the summer, high temps will make me sick, headache, dizzy, nausea and weak to name a few symptoms. And believe me, it is not due to dehydration because I drink between 4-6 16 oz bottles of water a day!

This weekend I turn 32 weeks----8th month of pregnancy. I find no reason to suffer with the heat. So yes, you will find me at home, sitting in my favorite chair with all 3 air conditioners on....and I am okay with that : )

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Luke said...

"Some thrive in this weather."

Yep, that's me! I couldn't wait for the hot and humid weather. I love how the air feels textered and like a blanket on you- it almost feels like you could swim in the air. =) Humid weather for me all the way!! I hate dry heat like they have in Arizona.