Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday---November 18

Each meal at our house consists of 5-7 people eating at once (sometimes more). To cut down on the confusion of who gets what and how much I have come up with this system:

We make everyone's plate in the kitchen. This lets us see how much food is on each plate---making it easier for us to keep kids size portions vs. adult size in check (I have one child who would just eat and eat and eat if you let him) and lets us see that they have eaten (if you don't eat your meal, you don't get snacks).

**ADDED BONUS** Less dishes to wash!!!! I just cut out having to wash serving dishes : )

Well here is the REAL tip----when I make everyone's plate I line them up in order from oldest to youngest (left to right). I also do this when pouring everyone's drink too. This helps me keep track of who's plate is who's. Also, because I have been using this system for so long, when the kids come get their food, they know to count over X amount of spots for their plate depending on where they fall. Example---lunch time: On this day Chris is at work and CJ and I are not eating the same thing as the kids. I make PB&J sandwiches. Alex comes into get get his plate. He will count over 3 plates----Zachary, Jessica, Alex and Emily. Because the kids know the system so well, they can usually tell when I plate is missing---like if Jessica already came and got her plate Alex would see an empty space and then 2 more plates. He would assume Jessie came and took hers.

This system Works For Me!!!!

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SkylarKD said...

Wow, that's organization!