Monday, November 23, 2009

The Homemakers Haven--Week 2

Have you ever heard of the saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."?

I know in my home I tend to set the tone for the whole house. I hate to admit it but that isn't always a good thing. Just last week on Monday, Zachary said to me with all sincerity, "Mom, this has been a really good day! You haven't been stressed out or anything!!" OUCH!!!

I have to admit:
I don't smile as often as I should.
I can sound annoyed when the kids are asking me a question or asking me for help in school.
I say no alot just because I don't want to be inconvenient.
I yell way to often.

How's that for honest. Embarrassing but honest. You are going to laugh, but do you know when this hit me.....A few weeks ago I was watching the Amazing Race and there was a christian couple on it who are dating. That week, the girl did NOT want to do the last challenge, going down a huge water slide though a shark tank (you were glassed off from the sharks). Her too biggest fears-water and heights-both in one challenge. By not doing this challenge she was dropping out of the race and a chance at $1 million dollars.

Her boyfriend was trying to physically push her down the slide. As we watched this unfold on TV my hubby said "Isnt' this suppose to be the christian couple? He isn't acting very christian right now."

That stayed with me. How would I look if someone filmed me 24/7 with my kids. Would they see a mother who loves staying home with her 6 children, homeschooling? Or would they see someone who actions tell another story?

Last week I really made an effort. I noticed a difference. So this week, to make my Home a Haven I will:
*Smile more.
*Say yes more.
*Hold my tongue and count to 10 when I feel I am going to respond out of frustration or anger.
*Praise my children more for the effort they put in.

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Wantasew said...

Wow, wonderful post! I also battle many of the same issues here at our home. It does help to know there are others struggling as well. I am looking forward to another week on my knees and with the Lord's help I can bless my family with a sweeter Momma! :o)

Rona's Home Page said...

What a great mom you are!

Marcus and I are heading to our church for Blessfest. While my husband is in for a long day at Kmart.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday. Marcus and I made the whole dinner! And the hubby loved it!

We wish you and your's a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sonshine said...

What a great post! :) I have to agree with you too! It is amazing how much our kids pick up from our non-verbal actions.

To answer your question about the bacon, I just cooked it until it looked done. I would say about 15 minutes. And about 1/2 way through I flipped it over in the pan. HTH!

Rona's Home Page said...

Sandwiches - triangles or rectangles? Please stop by my blog with your answer!