Monday, February 2, 2009

Relief is on the Way.....

At least I am hoping it is. I have been sick. Well should I say morning sickness. It has been awful. It is pretty much ALL-THE-TIME. I am having a hard time even drinking because of it. I am also dizzy. Today made a total of 6 pounds already that I have lost.

I have tried sea bands, saltines, nuts, lemonade, B6, ginger snaps, ginger ale, Sprite, tea, dry toast, eating frequently (not very successful on this one), granola bars, dry cereal....okay you get the idea. I have pretty much tried it all. So finally today I throw in the white towel and called the doctors office. The nurse called me back a little while later and told me she called in Zofran for me. Hallelujah!!! Chris will pick it up when he comes home from work. I am to take it 3 times a day. The nurse said if it doesn't work or I continue losing weight to call her back and they will order something else.

Don't get me wrong.....I am humbled and thankful that God would allow me to have another child. It truly was a desire of my heart (and still is). However, the morning sickness...ummm, not a desire. With CJ and Zachary I was sick for both of them. CJ was the worse. I was not only nauseated morning, noon and night with him but I vomited at all hours---even in the middle of the night. I lost 22 pounds and didn't feel better until around 20 weeks. I didn't have the responsibility I have now (nor did I have the knowledge to know I didn't need to feel that way). It is pretty hard to feel awful all day, try to run a house and take care of 5 darlings.

Chris and the kids have been great. Chris gave me an empty house yesterday for about 5 1/2 hours yesterday. What a man!!! You see why I love him : )

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