Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Supper Swap

I am getting ready to start cooking for my Supper Swap at co-op. Supper Swap....what's that? you may ask.

Here's the basis: 10 ladies (9 this time around for us) each make one meal.....times 10 (one for each family). Freeze each meal in an aluminum pan double foiled. Then on said date we bring 9 meals to our meeting place (for us it is co-op every other Thursday). Finally we switch meals. Each lady now has 10 meals for her freezer----9 that we got at co-op plus the one you made and left at home. This should cover Monday through Friday cooking. One less thing for a homeschooling mama to do.

Truth be told, this will only be our second swap. I don't have my opinion formed yet on this deal. You see, I am a chicken and pasta girl. Like literally we have chicken 5 nights a week, pasta 1 (sometimes with hamburg) and the pizza place down the street the other. Even when I do venture out and say make a roast on a Sunday, I throw a piece of chicken in there for myself. As far as pork goes, if Chris is lucky I will buy pork chops once a month for him to make on a night I am going to be out (can't stand the smell).

With the swap, there is a variety of dishes. Great if you like variety. In fact, I think Chris kind of liked it. But for me, not so great. I did notice that this time around there was more chicken and pasta.

So I guess like anything there are good points and bad to it.
Good---LOVED just throwing a dinner in the oven and then making a side to go with it.
Good---In theory, you cook once for a few hours and you have all those meals.

Bad---If you don't like a variety of foods.
Bad---After a few days of having other people's cooking I missed the way hubby cooked (that is why I still have 3 meals in the freezer from the last time around).

I will let you know in a couple of weeks how I think it is going. BTW, I need to send out a big THANK YOU to Kate from A Simple Walk because I used her Chicken and Bean recipe for the first swap (which went over VERY well). So THANKS KATE!!! : )

This time I am making 3 Cheese Manicotti. Yummy....can't wait for dinner tonight.


Rona's Home Page said...

What a cool idea! As long as everyone is a good cook it's a great time saver.

Kate said...

I have been meaning to comment on this post for a while. I'm so glad the chicken went over well. The manicotti sounds great. What are some of the dishes that others brought?

I'm currently working on coming up with some more good freezer meals that appeal to lots of people, so I could use some inspiration!