Friday, March 21, 2008

What I wish I knew....

Over at the Heart of the Matter they pose a weekly question on Friday's. This is the first week that I am leaving my 2 cents on the matter.

The question: What You Wish You Had Known Your First Year of Homeschooling

I wish I knew about learning styles and all the different ways there are to homeschool. The first year I bought a full curriculum from one company. Now I am very eclectic in my approach. I use what works best for my children.

My first year I wish I had known to relaxed more. I was so afraid of getting it all right (sometimes I still struggle with that concept). This is my 6th year hsing and I am amazed at how much my children have learned...even in those times that I feel like life has taken over and not much has gotten done from their books.

Every year has brought about new challenges and blessings. One year we started the school year with me having back to back surgeries. Another year we moved at the being of the year. Twice we have had children placed in our home for adoption. I have taken care of a mother who as had open heart surgery. Life does not stop happening because I homeschool. And you know what....that's okay!!! Some of the best lessons my children have learned haven't come from a book. It has come from LIFE. They have learned about compassion when taking in a new sibling. They learned about honoring your mother (even when you are in your 30's) when they saw me take care of mine after surgery. They have learned about putting others first and serving their brother or sister when another is sick in bed. THESE ARE LESSONS THEY WILL NEVER LEARN IN A SCHOOL OR A BOOK!!! Isn't that great?!


Ellen said...

I switched homeschooling styles so many times, trying to find the right label for us. Eclectic sounds good. You get to choose whatever you want and even throw in some unschooling. I like what you said about your kids learning all the life lessons because they are homeschooled. I've found that to be true in our family, too. They are being part of the real world.

Marbel said...

Great post! Kids learn more about real life at home than they would if they were at school all day.

jhcckkm said...

The relaxing thing is hard for us all, I think. It seems to be a pretty common thing I hear.
Thanks for sharing!!

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SuperAngel said...

Thank you so much for the swap gifts! I LOVED them. You are awesome!

Love, Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda